The Leader, Officers and Distinguished Members of Ogu/Bolo Legislative Council.

May I start by thanking you for admitting my entourage and I into this hallowed chamber where the destiny of our people is being charted through your robust deliberations and articulated debates.

Mr. Leader and Hon. Counsellors of this august Council, I come today to share with you our vision for the building, development and sustenance of an egalitarian Local Government: a Local Government built on the pride of our men and women as envisioned by our heroes past.

Our mission is to find new parts to the daunting task of re-engineering the social, economic and infrastructural well-being of our dear LGA. We are determined to position this LGA as one of the best in the State and Nation at large. Our determination presents a conscious tilt to a social contract with our people to bring to their door steps, the much needed dividends of democracy.

Mr. Leader and Hon. Counsellors, we are not unaware of the enormous burden entrusted upon us by the votes of the people of Ogu/Bolo Local Government who have had to content with debt, over-stretched and deteriorating infrastructure, harsh economic climate, poverty, destruction of eco system and the problems of security of lives and properties. As a government, we are delighted to inform you that we are ready to positively confront these challenges, and by the grace of God and with your support, we hope to be rated as the best performing Council at the end of our stay in office.

On assumption of office, we did not inherit any Appropriation Bye law for 2011.

As a former Legislator, I know the dangers of governance without an Appropriation Bye Law: hence, our resolve to present the 2011 budget. Our prayers is that you keenly look at the budget and pass it expeditiously for the good of our Local Government.

Mr. Leader and Hon. Counsellors, it is significant to state that this budget presentation would not be complete if we do not apprise the 2010 Appropriation Bye Law which we inherited for records. The 2010 Appropriation Bye Law came into being through the 2010 budget presented by Hon. Lawrence Abiebiari, the then Executive Chairman of Ogu/Bolo Local Government council.

In the year 2010, the LGA received N1,953,733,211.91 from the Federation Account, State Government and Internally Generated Revenue respectively. The figure or estimate when compared to the estimate of N2,809342,510.00 appropriated represent a deficit of N855, 609,298.09.

Mr. Leader, our dream is to build a Local Government that excellence and best practices count. The 2011 budget which we shall superintend, is titled “Budget of Restoration’’ as the title denotes, we would within our limits restore all the lost grounds, we shall channel our resources to people oriented projects and programmes that would usher-in unparalleled development. We shall build veritable institutions for medium and long term sustainability of our people. I will most respectively present an abridged version of the budget statement to you. Details of the budget are contained in the 2011 Appropriation Bill, which I will, with your kind leave, lay before this Honorable House for your gracious consideration and passage into a Bye Law, for the benefit of the people of this Local Government Area.


There is no gain stating the obvious that this Government is poor and needs development. There are disturbing signals and challenges which must be addressed. Notable among them are unemployment and human capital development. The Ogu/Bolo Local Government would strengthen the weak state of the LGA. Therefore, our mission would be “restoring all hitherto lost ground” and building a government that is egalitarian and people oriented. The policy thrust of the 2011 budget will therefore be:

Instituting projects and programmes that will positively impact on our people; Completing some existing projects; Monitoring of new and all on-going projects with a view to ensuring qualitative completion of the projects and programmes; Strtengthening government institutions, especially the Departments/ Agencies (DAs) and improving their efficiency; Vigorous pursuit of Public Expenditure Management (PEM); Developing data base for planning; Emphasizing on Agriculture and other Micro-Economic programmes to stimulate Industrial activities; Using Public Private Partnership (PPP) as a strategy to improve infrastructure; and Re-positioning of the LGA in the Oil and Gas map of the State. Mr. Leader and distinguished Honourable Counsellors, this key policy framework appears ambitious but with your support and God on our side, we shall succeed.

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